Our Solutions:

AML screening

Watchlists, International Sanctions lists, PEP screening, Adverse Media checks, Ongoing Monitoring and much more.

Identity verification

An AI- powered digital onboarding solution for remote identity verification. Take advantage of an iBeta accredited, fully-passive liveness tool.

ID verification

Our Selfie vs ID face match benefits from industry-leading accuracy. Benefit from data extraction and validation in a comprehensive variety of scripts and languages. ID document OCR with support for 190 countries.

Transaction monitoring

Stay compliant with regulatory requirements with our ongoing fiat transaction monitoring solution.

We Guarantee

years combined experience in AML
Countries covered
Satisfied clients
checks daily

Why Finchecker

A All-in-One KYC & AML Solution;
Global KYC Compliance integrating hundreds of different data sources;
Regulatory Rules Engine as standard;
Centralized Compliance and Case repository with real time monitoring;
Guaranteeing peace-of-mind with best-in-class support;
Seamless onboarding and ongoing monitoring functionalities;
Easy parameterization, risk-based approach.

We provide solutions that protect your business and subsequently, optimise its resources.

We are very proud to say that we have worked with specialists from across the globe in developing a simple and straight-forward AI solution. Our solution scans and aggregates data from various sources daily, offering latest information on PEPs, sanctioned persons, international terrorists and global adverse media by country.

Online AML/ KYC Compliance

Banking & Other Financial Services

We understand the complex nature of Banks and other Financial Institutions. That’s why we’re able to simplify their processes by revolutionising compliance and automating onboarding.


Finchecker assists Investment firms in tackling key client compliance challenges through automation.

Forex & Brokers

Trusted by world-leading forex brokers, Finchecker assists its clients in automating their compliance processes, while staying up-to-date with the latest global regulations through machine learning and BI-Analytics driven solutions.


We specialise in helping payment firms onboard applicants effectively with instant global compliance by utilising hundreds of KYC data sources.


Finchecker has been selected by several Insurance firms to deliver their onboarding processes and address fraud and financial crime obligations that occur in the sector.

Gaming & Gambling

Finchecker fully understands the challenges observed by gaming and gambling firms; they face both AML and KYC obligations. For that reason, our RegTek+ solution helps them comply, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.


All in one
All the tools you need for AML & KYC compliance are offered in a neat-and-tidy API. No more switching between solutions, no more stress.
Flexible (API)
The quick-to-integrate API can be applied and shaped to any use case. Whether you need fiat transaction monitoring or ongoing adverse media checks, our solution moulds to your back like a bespoke jacket.
Seamless integration
At Finchecker, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to our clients. Indeed, unlike many of our competitors, integration support is in-house, and each of our solution architects knows the product inside out.
Transparent pricing
As we only offer our clients proprietary products, we remain competitive as one of the lowest-priced solutions on the market.

Other Competitors

Many provide limited datasets, resulting in confusion, regulatory fines, delays and ultimately, fraud.
Clumsy (pre made scenarios)
Many flows have been pre-constructed in a one-size-fits-all SDK. Corners are cut and clients are lost.
Integration is perpetually just ‘a few weeks away’.
Hidden fees
The list of extras goes on and on, with often extortionate integration fees hidden between the lines.

Compliance and AML is difficult

We can help