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We offer a simple way of being compliant with the latest AML Laws and Regulations.

The process is tailored to your exact line of business.

In order to create highly satisfying solutions, our company has adopted the latest technology and equipment in the field into practicality

New AML technology

Discover new ways of protecting your business from reputational and compliance risks

Improved KYC solutions

Get to Know Your Customers in a new and improved way, saving you time and resources

Timely results

Receive the latest information about your clients in record times, with AI conducting monitoring of new information without any additional input from you.

Latest updates

Stay on top of the latest updates in the Sanctions watchlists, PEP database and global adverse media.

We provide solutions that protect your business and subsequently, optimise its resources.
We help your brand communicate quality, efficiency and culture to your clients.

We are very proud to say that we have worked with specialists from across the globe in developing a simple and straight-forward AI solution. Our solution scans and aggregates data from various sources daily, offering latest information on PEPs, sanctioned persons, international terrorists and global adverse media by country.