The Solutions we can offer

AML screening

Global PEP and sanctions databases updated on hourly basis.

Transaction monitoring

Monitoring and screening of transactions in real-time with hundreds ready-to-use scenarios

Identity verification & OCR

AI- powered digital onboarding platform for remote identity verification. ID data extraction and validation with support for 190 countries.

Passive liveness

Selfie vs ID face match with industry-leading accuracy. iBeta accredited, fully passive liveness check.

We Guarantee

years combined experience in AML
Countries covered
Satisfied clients
checks daily

Why Finchecker

A Unified/All-in-One KYC & AML Solution.
Global KYC Compliance via hundreds of Data sources.
Regulatory Rules Engine.
Centralized Compliance and Case repository with real time monitoring.
Peace of mind for you with true compliance.
Seamless onboarding and ongoing monitoring.
Easy parameterization, risk -based approach.

We provide solutions that protect your business and subsequently, optimise its resources.

We are very proud to say that we have worked with specialists from across the globe in developing a simple and straight-forward AI solution. Our solution scans and aggregates data from various sources daily, offering latest information on PEPs, sanctioned persons, international terrorists and global adverse media by country.

AML KYC Compliance Service Online

Banking & Other Financial Services

We understand the complex nature of Banks and other Financial Institutions and we simplify their processes by revolutionizing compliance and automating onboarding.


Finchecker assists Investment firms to tackle key client compliance challenges by using automation.

Forex & Brokers

Trusted by the top global forex brokers, Finchecker assists to automate their compliance processes, and stay up to date with the latest regulations in multi jurisdictions by using machine learning and BI Analytics driven solutions.


We specialize in helping Payment firms onboard efficiently prospects and perform instant global compliance by utilizing hundreds of KYC data sources.


Finchecker is selected by several Insurance firms to deliver its onboarding processes and address fraud and financial crime obligations that occur in the sector.

Gaming & Gambling

Finchecker fully understands the challenges of gaming and gambling firms as they face the challenge of both AML and KYC. For that reason, our RegTek+ solution helps them comply, while reducing costs and increasing productivity.


All in one
We provided all the services required for your regulator - Sanctions & PEP, Adverse media, transactional monitoring and identity verification
Flexible (API)
Our API can be easily tailored into any process or business logic
Seamless integration
On average integrating our API takes only 3 weeks
Transparent pricing
No hidden fees. You pay only for that we agreed


Providing limited set of data or services and resulting in necessity of using multiple vendors
Clumsy (pre made scenarios)
Only one way of integration and there is no room for changes which are really vital for your business
The complete integration is always "just few months away"
Hidden fees
Text written with really small font in your contract stating that you need to pay an additional fee

Compliance and AML is difficult

We can help