KYC screening integration

It is important to note, that your business process will not be effected by the necessity of screening. It will be done seamlessly during the on-boarding of your clients.

Integrating the FinChecker screening will not disrupt the established business processes, making it more efficient.

FinChecker offers a way to embed the necessary protocol in your daily operations to provide full screening functionality.

There is no need to use any separate service - only the application that your business already utilises.


FinChecker API provides the following functionality; Please keep in mind that you may need additional permissions to perform some of the functions.

Screening a single entry
Screening a batch of entries (bulk creening)
Saving existing entries for ongoing screening
Historical data for all screened entries
Automated portfolio screening (for all existing entries)
Full match record details for each entry match
The ability to add notes to entries (for internal purposes)
User management (Internal)

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