Our history

Our team had the idea of developing the product a long time ago and it took an extensive period of preparation, research and horizon scanning to create the perfect fusion of AI, risk management systems and user-friendly design.

We all come from various industries, backgrounds and experiences, yet we have managed to use all of our different visions in order to create a product, which we are quite proud of.

Summer 2018
We realise that the way the KYC screening process works at the moment, is inefficient and time-consuming, particularly in small and medium enterprises, where usually only one person is responsible for multiple processes.
Autumn 2018
We first toy with the idea of creating a product to optimise the KYC screening process for small and medium enterprises, in order to ease the workload of Compliance Managers. We create a plan of action and each start working on our own set of tasks.
Winter 2018/2019
We start developing the product and additional services.
Spring 2019
We test the product over and over again and amend all the inconsistencies and parts of the product that do not serve our immediate goals.
Summer 2019
We finish developing the product and the website.
Autumn 2019
The product is running full-time.